Translation services

Translation services

The world is getting smaller and we need more people that are multilingual and/or skilled in the art of translation. The public and the public service usually think of access or a lack thereof, in terms of resources. We seldom associate it with a lack of a service.

Get yourself another language: why the need for effective translation-services

Why the need for effective translators

Translation-services (translators) are of utmost importance and significance, in any language. Without proper and efficient translation/translators, court cases can be lost and criminals can walk away scot-free. I recently read in the papers about a couple of court cases whereby suspects walked free because there were no translators available for their languages. The world has become a global village and the ability to communicate effectively with each other has become even more crucial - not only socially, but in business as well.

If you can learn a foreign language, go ahead and do so - it can only do you and your country good. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye (or a deaf ear)on the current and future demands/needs for effective translation services.

Translation services: English writing

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