Power speaking with power language

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Power speaking with power language: How to use power language for effective power-speaking in marketing

Power-speaking requires confidence, assertiveness, a good speaking voice and excellence in language. Using a smooth tone of voice and knowing when to raise your voice, and when to lower it go a long way in preserving power in your speech. As a general rule, your voice should rise when you ask questions and fall when you are making a statement.

Do's and Dont's in power-speaking with power language

How to use power language for an effective, eloquent and articulate power-speech

Using the correct grammar and concise language will leave people with a professional impression of you.

Use imagery and paint pictures in the audience’s minds.

The use of ‘you’ and ‘we’ will make the speech much more personal and engaging. Avoid using passive voice.

Many people tend to drop consonants when they speak. Phrases like ‘going to’ have been replaced by ‘gonna’, which is not acceptable in professional presentations. As far as possible, use correct pronunciation – never try to be smart by pronouncing in ‘unconventional’ ways.

Avoid saying things like "you know; uh." Those utterances don't belong in a powerful speech!


Power speaking with power language is all about effective communication

A clear voice is a strong aid in powerspeaking and in asserting yourself

Assertiveness and power speaking go hand in hand