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We are talking about confidence and confident public speaking here because it is almost impossible to speak well in public if you do not believe in yourself, what you have to say and your own capabilities.

Sometimes we may feel nervous, vulnerable or in doubt. Most of that has little to do with us or our own abilities and capabilities. Most of it has to do with other people. We say: “what will people think/say?” We give people so much power than they actually deserve. We make them control our lives and our potential for success.

Why we tend to doubt ourselves when speaking in public

Have confidence in yourself and in your abilities

As babies/children, we were born with so much self confidence and self-esteem that it is a pity we lose most if not all of that as we grow up. People’s attitudes, behaviours and remarks about us shatter our confidence levels and our beliefs in our own capabilities. Most of our self-esteem issues are rooted in our past.

Most of us have been hurt, de-railed, discredited and discouraged while we were growing up. We have been ripped of our true selves – wonderful aspects and characteristics of ourselves that appeared to be bad when we were children. Our genuine, authentic selves have been affected, diluted, changed, discouraged, disabled and damaged.

All these things have shadowed who we truly are. They changed our ideas and our ideals. It changed the way we view life. They changed the way we see ourselves; our self-esteem and confidence. This has affected and directly impacted on our personal lives, our relationships, our social and spiritual lives and our ability to believe in ourselves and in our own abilities when we speak in public. We are so consumed by fear and uncertainty...which increase low self confidence.

Build confidence by unlearning the negative beliefs about yourself

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Just because nobody has ever told you that you are a good speaker or that you are a natural at public speaking doesn't mean you aren't. We are here to let you know that you are still the person you were born to be. Despite the hurt, the derailing, you are still yourself somewhere deep down. We will encourage you to recognize the blockages, to heal, to speak up, to come out the victor that you are!

With public speaking and presentations, much of the confidence stems from knowing that you are worthy; and that you are also well prepared.

Learn as much as possible about the subject matter, your audience, their expectations and possible questions.

Do not be discouraged by the more knowledgeable people that would be attending - you already know more than you think you do.

You've probably even done this in the past, with success. Do not ever be afraid of being judged or of spoiling your reputation. Just be yourself. Character is much more important than reputation - which is what people think/perceive you to be. That's not who/what you truly are - not necessarily. If you believe in yourself, you'll do better to build confidence.


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Are you ready? Check-list to assist in preparation

Confidence combats fear

Build self confidence by building your self-esteem

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