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Writing for the Internet market (online marketing) is quite different from writing offline ads, reports, books or articles. The internet is huge, and is quite a busy place. People come searching for information. It is not like an offline shop where passers-by will see your window-dressing and come in. People here are not passing by. They are looking for information.

Webmarketing: the web is booming with business opportunities

Do terms like web-marketing or website publishing freak you out? Be scared no more; the web is NOT a scary place; it is a place of opportunity - endless opportunities!

When an idea was born in my mind to build a web site, I was scared that it might just end up as an idea - a crazy idea. I didn't know a thing about web sites, HTML, e-commerce or anything like that. I remember writing the question down in my diary: "how do people build web sites and how are they funded - how do they generate income?"

If I knew of books like "Make Your Words Sell" and "Make Your Site Sell", I would not have had a lot of unanswered questions. These e-books are very good assets if you are writing and marketing on the net. I'll give you a link below to your free copy of one e-book.

Starting your own business / starting a web site

Check my links below for a free copy of the action guide that I used to build my web site.

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The authour's own public speaking experiences are well-documented in the form of case-studies, with lessons learned from each experience. The lessons start from childhood and go well into adulthood - which makes the ebook an interesting read for all ages. The ebook was launched with a special discount in October and is currently selling from

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The net has provided a great platform for me to publish and market my ebooks


The Net is a land of opportunity!

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