Use and significance of body language when presenting

BODY LANGUAGE accounts for a lot in all kinds of presentations, communications and public speaking. Most communication happens through non-verbal, rather than verbal expressions. The sound of your voice, your bodily movements, eye contact, facial expressions have more meaning than the actual words. People can 'quote' your body actions/language much more accurately than your actual words.

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"Your attitude speaks so loudly that I can't hear what you say" - unknown. Same with body language. 'Your body speaks so loudly that people can hardly hear what you are saying.' If you feel confident, you appear confident, and people see confidence and hear it.

How to use body language in public speaking and presentations

If you are selling something, pay particular attention to what the customer is saying/asking. Let them know, through your body language that you are listening and that their point or question is more important than anything else at that moment. The person/customer is therefore encouraged to say more. They get to state all their thoughts or questions. You have better chances of making a sale that way.

What your body movements are saying

These are what your body movements and actions are saying

An anxious person touches their face often when they speak. A sincere person can move closer to you whe they speak with you, an affectionate person touches, for example.

Eye contact makes people feel attended to; head nodding makes them feel they are listened to and confirms or assures them that they are not talking nonsense. A smile warms the heart and makes people feel relaxed.

The eyes indicate interest in what the speaker is saying. Both presenters and the audience love looking at a cheerful, friendly-looking face.

Building self-esteem

Confidence shows in your body language

Panic attacks

MCing skills


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