PUBLIC SPEAKING EBOOK: "Say It! With Confidence!"

How to say it with confidence when you are too shy to say boo to a goose!

Does that sound like you?

. Do you imagine that others are "able to speak in public without fear?" (No way! We all feel fear - but at varying degrees.)

What I am saying is that, you are definitely not alone! Millions of people worldwide suffer from social phobia or shyness.

The good news is that these socio-emotional states are perfectly manageable. The sad news is that, most people are unaware of these good news and will still try and live with the worst of these emotions.

Yes, you may be feeling that "shyness or social phobia" are somehow a part of your genetic imprint but I will tell you now: Despair Not, because they can be managed and controlled, with the right tools, knowledge and information.

This e-book will, through inspirational stories, guidelines, tips, and techniques, show you exactly how to deal with shyness, paralyzing fear,low confidence etc. and how to use your nerves to your advantage and express yourself with passion and confidence!

The ebook will boost your confidence, give you strategies for coping and help you manage your shyness whether you are speaking to a room full of people, a stranger on the street or just your own children. Yes as parents you need to be able to motivate your children, encourage them and build their self esteem.


. Are you shy, suffer from terrible stage fright, suffer from panic attacks and extreme fear of public speaking?

. Do you feel that your shyness get in the way of progress and achievement? (Read my story below - I was once there)

. Do you need some help "conquering your nerves before public speaking /before a public appearance?"

. Want to learn the tips and techniques I learned from one of the best public speaking schools there is, that continue to assist hundreds of speakers, presenters and people in the public eye -to get better at public speaking and to become great speakers?

. Are you interested in learning about my very own secrets that I developed to beat the nerves - and that continue to work wonders for me?

"The story of a shy girl"

I was a shy girl (or considered to be one) my entire life. I have been discriminated on because of that and some people even thought they could bully me because I was shy and reserved. But there was a lot of assertiveness and mental strength within that soft exterior and I would never have let anyone take advantage of me or dismiss me as being anything less than a full human being with immense potential for growth, like everyone else.

Hi, my name is Sofia and I am a student of life and a student of human behaviour. Over the years, I’ve come to realize how motivated, confident I am and how, despite my shyness, I have always marveled at a good challenge and responded to such with enthusiasm, whether they threw me out of my ‘comfort zone’(I'll tell you the truth about this zone in the ebook) or not. I managed my introverted, shy exterior by learning about myself and by studying other people. From my childhood/school experiences, and from taking part in a lot of public speaking activities (which I mostly won!), I discovered how much I loved public speaking and would later get a certificate in public speaking.

Unlike me, a lot other shy kids may not find ways to deal with and manage their shyness so that it does not come in the way of their progress in life. This is why I sat down to write a book that not only shares wisdom (knowledge + experience) about shyness and ways to manage it, but also include practical tips on public speaking that everyone, from a four year old to a 100 year old, would find useful. I love kids and I wrote the ebook with them in mind – they have so much potential and it is sad that their potential can sometimes be destroyed by such pedestrian things as being afraid of speaking up!

Exclusive public speaking tips!:–) Boost confidence, manage shyness and fear of public speaking on the one hand and learn how to be a great speaker on the other!

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Here is a hint of what you can expect in the book

Below is a summary of some of the topics covered in “Say It! With Confidence!”

* Managing shyness

* You've got to love public speaking

* Fear of risk

* Change your mindset about speaking in public

* Working with your voice

* Dos & Don’ts of public speaking

* What we can learn from great speakers

* Motivating kids to be good, confident speakers * Nerve busters and nerve-busting techniques

* Rise above fear

* Shake fear

* Preparation

* Ice breakers that work

* Rhetoric questions

* Handling questions like a pro * Impromptu speeches

* My practical experiences

TESTIMONIALS “Say It! With Confidence!” by Sofia Matloga tackles public speaking from a slightly different angle in that she helps readers work with your shyness or lack of confidence rather than simply trying to overcome it. She provides tips and techniques on how to appreciate this aspect of yourself and how to be comfortable speaking in public whether that’s giving a speech or greeting a stranger on the street. Sofia did a great job, I'm impressed. There's a lot of public speaking books out there and she’s managed to put her own unique spin on it. Awesome job."

Catherine Pratt -

If you are like many people worldwide – even seasoned speakers – you suffer/have suffered some level of fear of public speaking, stage fright, shyness, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment or rejection. Beginning public speakers often find themselves wondering where to get tips, encouragement, and coping strategies for public speaking. They need to know what to do and what not to do – at the same time they need to boost their confidence levels and manage their stage fright. And yes, there are more and more entrants into public speaking – and this career has become very lucrative, especially motivational speaking and comedy. Speaking of motivation, this ebook will also motivate you to get out and start that business you've been so timid and afraid to start!

Whether you are a public speaker, aspire to become a good one or parent someone who wants/needs to be a good one, you’ll definitely love the practical and insightful tips that this book provides.

Parents, you will find yourselves with more than a good reason to lay your hands on this book. You and your child will love the sections at the back on how you can help your child become more confident, compete healthier and how you can motivate them without hurting their fragile little self-esteem. Your child's grades at school depend largely on his/her self confidence.

When you are done reading this book, you will realize that everyone, even seasoned speakers, has moments of fear and that you can work with your limitations since they are there to help protect you, not to limit you. You will be motivated to not let fear, embarrassment, shyness and lack of confidence stop you from expressing yourself…and most importantly, from going after your dreams. Those bullies have got no hold over your life anymore! As I mention, all these bullies will bow to passion.

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Get yourself a copy and start breathing a fresh air of freedom. This will make a wonderful gift for a shy, fearful would-be public speaker or anyone- child or adult - whose lack of experience, lack of confidence and shy nature threatens to cloud his/her true potential.


Here's what others have to say about the book:

TESTIMONIALS "Thanks Sofia for writing a book that an ordinary speaker like me can relate to. I liked your approach; it makes everyone at any level know it is possible to stand in front of an audience and let their voice be heard. The case studies are real and what people want. It is a nice read, not boring and not like a lecture - easy to relate to! I now feel like shyness is actually a gift from God. That’s how at ease you have made me. I think selling a book is good but the real satisfaction comes when that book gives the reader what they are looking for and I'm sure every reader will feel the same." Nombini Kutta-Mathye ~


"This ebook has a “been there done that and here’s what you have to know, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel” flair. What makes it even more attractive for beginners is that, it draws from ordinary experiences – not necessarily flamboyant ones. Now this, I can identify with since I’ve had little experience of speaking in public. I will certainly apply these tips in my interviews. A very powerful reference book for kids and adults alike – something for everyone."

Pebetse Mananyetso –

Unpublished authour and contributor to


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