Reception staff: the face of any organisation

Reception staff: the face of an organisation

Businesses have traditionally focused on the top management of organisations when it comes to policy making and knowledge management, paying very little attention to the front-line staff - the very faces of an organisation. Frontline staff, in particular the reception, customer service and call centre personell, need to be aware of how they affect the bottomline and how their roles fit into the organisation's vision and objectives. They need to understand the policies of the organisation they work for.

Frontline personell are the face of your business

Front line staff, in particular receptionists, are the face of your business

This article looks particularly at the role and importance of a receptionist/front desk staff. As a receptionist, you are the first person a customer gets in contact with in the entire company - you are the face and the voice of the company or organisation. You need customer care skills, you need to be a good communicator and relate well with people. Over and above that, you need to know what service your company offers - know your company's products or business and be able to explain it to a client.

A lot of good business is spoilt by receptionists, security personell and other front-line staff everyday.

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