Career counselling and guidance

Career counselling and guidance

In the past, kids used to be channeled towards certain careers that were common or regarded as elite. Nowadays, more and more parents encourage their kids to follow their passions and do what they love doing - what does not feel like work. It can, however, be extremely confusing to know just which side of your interests or passions you should follow or pursue as a career. We have been given multiple talents and while we should strive to explore all of them, we may need to pick one or a combination of a few to for career purposes.

Why do we need career counseling and/or career guidance

Receiving some kind of career counselling and guidance before you choose a career will ensure that you pursue a career you love, and you never have to feel like you are having a job (which for some gets to be a burden)for the rest of your life. That means improved quality of life - less stress and more contentment - more health. We can actually make this world a better place by ensuring that our kids fulfill the purpose for which they were created.

Career counseling and/or guidance is very important and all kids should be subjected to tests that would help them identify their strengths, interests and talents - even lead them to careers they should follow. Every child should be given a chance to obtain career counselling before they get themselves stuck with someone else's chosen career. Career counselling can reduce stress

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