Selling yourself and your ideas

Selling yourself and your ideas: how to market your brand

In business, you will quite often need to sell more than just your products and services. You may need to sell your ideas as well as of course, your brand - yourself.

How to go about selling yourself and your idea in business

Selling yourself and your ideas in business

People like buying from people that they know and trust. To be a successful salesperson/marketer, you need to be loyal and trustworthy; and be a good listener (good listeners make wonderful and successful sales people).

Listen actively and nod accordingly. Ask relevant questions about your client/customer, especially questions relating to their needs/concerns/fears and try to ease their fears.

In case you need to get more information, try to obtain as much information that would be helpful to your client as you possibly can. Still, try to answer as accurately and as openly as you can. To close that sale, you have to be fair, attentive, and trustworthy.

Selling youself and your ideas: business presentations

Selling yourself and your idea require good power speaking