What does effective communication entail?

Communication - perfecting the art of public speaking

To speak effectively in public, you need to realise that,you are not just giving out information, you are actually communicating with people - real, natural beings. It is therefore important that your speech or presentation is as natural as possible. Avoid fogging real communication. This means avoiding overexplaining and dwelling too much on what you feel is expected of you.

The two words 'information' and 'communication' are often used interchangeably, but they signify quite different things. Information is giving out; communication is getting through" - Sydney J. Harris.

"When you signal or show what you would like people to see, you fog real comunication" - C. Berry

Communicating, public speaking, non-verbal and verbal means of communicating

Mastering the art of communicating in public

Listening forms a crucial part of communicating. When you are really communicating to people, you are also listening to them and are aware of their feelings and emotions. You are aware of your audience's body language and their vocal responses. Listen, observe and feel free - just be yourself.

Anxiety and tension affect your communication by changing the way you sound (your voice). Your voice may start to sound unnatural, with little or no flexibility and it may rise in pitch. Trying to fulfill your audience's expectations is not a bad thing, infact, it is you need to find out beforehand what their expectations are; however, you have to gusrd against projecting an image that puts a strain you just for the sake of meeting expectations.

You want people to listen and hear what you are saying and not just how you sound. When you want to be seen a certain way, you are also crowding or fogging real communication. Relax your muscles, release tension and you will grow to be a very good communicator.

A stressful voice can cloud your communication

Manage your stress levels for effective communication

Build self-esteem

Know yourself

Setting personal goals

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