Managing stress and coping with stress and stressful situations

Managing stress

Your lifestyle has a tremendous effect on your stress levels. Poor dietary choices, inefficient time management and organization, lack of exercise and coping skills can all lead and contribute to a stressful life. Even though stress is in itself not an illness, uncontrollable amounts of it can lead to diseases of the body and mind.

Stress and tension put a lot of strain on our bodies and on our minds. They are energy wasters. They can, however, be converted into positive energy because minimal amounts of them are not necessarily bad. They spurn you into action. It is only when it is not controlled that it becomes destructive to a person’s health and happiness. It can cause depression and a whole lot of physical ailments.

Managing stress: stress management and reduction

While stress can’t be completely avoided, it can be effectively managed.

“It doesn’t pay to worry. If you went through last year’s files marked ‘important’, chances are the only things you’d keep are the paper clips.” – Robert Q.

“When we share laughter, there’s twice the fun; when we share success, we’ve surpassed what we’ve done. When we share problems, there’s half the pain; when we share tears, a rainbow follows rain; when we share dreams, they become more real; when we share secrets, it’s our hearts we reveal.”- Unknown

Don’t take life and yourself too seriously. Be kind to yourself, you are allowed to be imperfect because nobody is truly perfect. Perfectionism is a serious stressor.

Take deep breaths from time to time, especially when you feel overwhelmed. Try this: Sit comfortably on a chair. Close your eyes and slightly raise them upward. Take a deep breath through your nose. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Slowly exhale. While doing so, feel a wave of warm relaxation flow over your entire body, from tip to toe. Repeat a couple of times.


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