Call centre agents

Call centre agents: eloquent speaking is a must for call center employees

In a quest for effective service delivery and excellent customer care, call centre agents have become very important for businesses to compete in today's highly competitive business environment. It is also important that these call centres employ agents that have the necessary competencies for a call centre and that also know a lot about the particular business.

Attributes needed for call centre agents

You need basic public speaking/communication skills

Call centres are a wonderful way of employing people with special needs/disabilities - particularly visually-impaired people. Contact centres normally recruit people with good liaising skills, communicate well and are computer literate. Eloquence, clarity of speech, and a good tone are also important ingredients for call center personell.

A clear voice is particularly important for international centres - there's nothing as frustrating as an inaudible foreign voice on the other side of a telephone when you have a serious problem or crisis to manage. Companies should therefore look beyond just knowledge and hire agents who could actually communicate- or they'll be shooting themselves in the foot. While call agents aren't simply voices, their voice could make or break your business.

Communication skills are what call centre agents need

An audible and clear voice is a good attribute in a call agent

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