Language skills

Language skills

When you are marketing a product, a service or an idea (even marketing yourself), you've got to speak not only to the right people, but in the right language.

The language you use in your reports, whether business or academic, should be clear to the reader. Language is especially important because, if not correctly used, it can distort the purpose and the whole idea of your report. One should, therefore, always avoid possible misunderstandings and stay away from expressions and idioms you haven't verified.

Language skills quotes

"It is strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you in hot water" - Franklin P. Jones

The first important thing is to communicate with people in the language they understand. If you do not understand their language, seek help or assistance from those who do.

Marketing is like asking for directions in a foreign country - if you don’t Speak to the right person, in the right language, you will not get the response you are hoping for.

Body language skills

Language is very important in communication