How to effectively speak your mind

How to effectively speak your mind: saying what's on your mind can make you a healthier human being

Most people find speaking up a very difficult exercise. We watch and listen in envy at the brave people who just never mince words and tell it like it is. There's a lot of good reasons to speak up though.

ways to speak your mind effectively, firmly yet politely

Why speak your mind and how to do it politely

1. Picture this: someone said something bad that you should have responded to but you didn't. Are you proud and happy with yourself for keeping quite while you could have spoken or are you glad you didn't spek up? what makes you more regretful and less confident - is it keeping quite or speaking your mind? Speaking up will make you proud of yourself.

2. You won't resent people for things they are completely unaware of.

3. You'll get what you want - more and more. It is important to say what you mean. Do not leave people second-guessing or allow them to finish your sentences. Others will understand you more if you say it clearly and you'll get the desired outcome. This will improve your relationships with people.

Practice these and you'll get more and more confortable with speaking what's on your mind.

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