How to develop a photographic memory or a total recall

How to develop a photographic memory or a total recall

Photographic memory, or total recall, is the ability to recall images, sounds, smells or objects in memory with a high degree of accuracy and abundance.

Some experts believe that photographic memory does not exist in adulthood. I think that somewhat memory manages to degrade as we age, and especially for women, as we give birth. Below is my own story of a long childhood memory.

How to develop a photographic memory: an account of my own photographic childhood memory

An account of my own photographic childhood memory: how to develop a photographic memory

I often remind my sister, who is just two years older than me, about incidences from childhood which I can still recall. My sister doesn't have that kind of memory and likes it when I talk about such incidences. I think I am a link to her childhood. Today I wanted to share a childhood memory that never left me.

I was four years old and I went to a hospital for a minor operation. I remember going there with my mother and her buying me this soft-drink with a very distinctive smell. I remember how it was packaged and have searched for that drink for many years without success. Its smell still makes me feel good whenever I am in a bad space.

And then I was put into a ward that housed children with disabilities. That was the first time I became aware of different disabilities and I was quite mature, understanding and helpful - much to the amazement of the nursing staff. There were four of these kids and myself in the ward. Two of them had the same disability and only one, who had what I think was Downs'syndrome, could walk.

Those kids were very dear to me and it was a very sad day when I was discharged from the hospital. I never forgot about them and I told my parents and siblings about them when I got home. I can still remember their names to this day. When I went back to the same hospital's maternity ward a few years ago, I asked a couple of nurses about them and they knew nothing about them. Of course, that was a long time ago.

I am still hoping to meet an older nurse who would tell me where those angels are. Upon my discharge, we went to visit an elderly man from my neighbourhood, who was apparently beaten by a snake and was admitted to hospital. I can still remember how his legs looked - all scaly and dark. He would later on pass away.

This is just an account of one of the many memories I have from childhood. I do believe that as a child, I possessed a very good memory, a memory which gradually waded of. I recall after the birth of my first son, how my brain ceased to work the way it used to and how I literally felt the "porridge brain" syndrome. Perhaps those who say photographic memory does not exist in adulthood could be right. But memory can be trained and re-trained and recovered.

How to improve your memory in a snap? It’s never too late to use your memory capacity to its full potential. This is how to develop a photographic memory.

How to develop a photographic memory

Effective memorization techniques: how to develop a photographic memory

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