Free sample wedding speech: let this sample speech be your guide

Free sample wedding speech: let this sample speech be your guide

Good day ladies and gentlemen. It is indeed a privilege and an honour to be speaking here today, on this wondrous occassion. My name is XYZ and I'm a friend of A & B. I've been friends with A for two decades now and I was there when s/he first saw, met, proposed to B.

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Free sample wedding speech: have a topic

Your free sample of a wedding speech: this should serve as a guideline

Whether you are asked to counsel/offer advise or welcome the couple to the marital world, you should have at least something to focus on - a topic.

Say for instance you have decided to choose, as your subject/topic, "the importance of communication in a marriage." You could then start with a joke like this one:

"There was a couple that was not on speaking terms and the husband wrote a note to ask the wife to wake him up in the morning. The wife then wrote on the same sheet of pare: "wake up." When the husband did not wake up, the wife then wrote again on the piece of paper: "I said wake up!"

You could use such a joke to emphasise the importance of communication and that without it, nothing will go fine.


finally, a book packed with great wedding speeches to guide and spoil us.

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FREE SAMPLE WEDDING SPEECH: you could choose communication as a topic

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