Everyday presentation of self: Impression Management (IM)

Everyday presentation of self: "Impression Management or IM and Image Management"

In public speaking and in normal life, we interact with different people with different characteristics. By presenting and by merely living, people form impressions and perceptions of you, and those impressions & perceptions become your realities.

Everyday presentation of self: how you present yourself define the outcomes of your business

Everyday presentation of yourself: Image consulting as a business isn't booming for nothing

In business, whatever perception you create, will determine how your business performs. If your business has a negative reputation, you will not succeed.

The same is true for an individual in business and/or in life. Image is everything; but image is not just about outside appearance - it is how you interact with people, your customers and clients. It is about the identity you form as you present yourself or as you go about normal business.

This is how Wikipedia defines self presentation:

Impression management is the process through which people try to control the impressions other people form of them. It is a goal-directed conscious or unconscious attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about a person, object or event by regulating and controlling information in social interaction. It is usually synonymous with self-presentation, if a person tries to influence the perception of his image.

See an Image Consultant if you must, but do make sure the image you potray/present is the image you want people/your clients or customers to see.


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