Coaching and being your own coach: mentor yourself up the career ladder

Coaching and being your own coach: self coaching and mentoring for self-development and career enhancement

As it gets more and more important to have a coach, it also becomes necessary for people to be able to coach themselves; to become their own coach.

Self affirmations will boast your self-confidence and eliminate low self esteem & negative, destructive criticisms of oneself.

How to become your own mentor

Coaching, mentoring: being your own mentor or coach: how to be your own fan, your own best friend and your own judge/evaluator, while still allowing people to make comments

The most important thing is to watch and learn. If you are an actor, presenter, anchor or even a talk show host, you need to evaluate yourself by watching yourself. Even so, you need to concentrate more on your strengths.

Learn from other people in your profession - other speakers, anchors and actors. Evaluate their performances. For each of your appearances, commit to improving one or two things that need improvement; and don't forget to issue out evaluation forms if you are presenting or speaking to groups. For best results about your service, allow evaluaters to remain anonymous.


Coaching and being your own coach: you can learn to be a power speaker

Coach & speak to yourself with confidence