Are you a talented singer?

Of all artistic forms, singing is the one most often abused. Unlike many forms of art, a good singer is immediately identified by the listening ear and their music is enjoyed. So is a not so good singer. The terrible thing about singing is that, it is also very common for would-be singers to think they really can sing - just look at all the people trying their luch in idols, most of those we hear as vocally chalelnged do truly believe they've got the voice. I believe it is upto the people around us to gently tell us if we do not sing as well as we may like to think, as difficult as that may be. Everyone has several talents and instead of leading your loved one into bad rejection and embarassment, why not point out some of their true talents which they may start to explore?

The art of singing: follow your singing passion and talent

Invest in your voice - following your singing passion and talent

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If you've got that magical, angelic singing voice that has the ability to transform people's existence, you most probably know you've got it. You are also likely to have been told by some very good singers that you sing pretty well. Remember that everyone loves the sound of their own voice and it is easy to be fooled, which is why it is important to allow honest critics who themselves can sing, to 'critic' you constructively. The other important thing is passion. Get out there and share your special calling with others, without even expecting rewards at first. Go to a vocational school (school of music in this case)for professional music studies or sign up for a short course - go with what works well for you, your music style and your finances.


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The art of singing: captivate your audience