Radio presenting: being a radio presenter or a DJ

Radio presenting: being a radio presenter or a DJ

Stage presentations, tv and radio presenting are all fields of "presentations/presenting", but they are world aparts in terms of the manner in which they are to be carried out. Radio presenting or on-air radio presenting is very competitive and one needs to have a winning edge when it comes to this field of broadcasting. You need that X-factor to be a DJ.

Qualities of a good DJ/radio presenter

Radio presenting: Qualities of a good DJ/radio presenter

With radio presenting, a person first needs to understand radio broadcasting and know what makes a good rdio presenter - then match those requirements with your own unique qualities and strenghts that can make you a good presenter. To achieve these, you need to hook up with a willing DJ/radio presenter or broadcaster who can become your mentor.

Most radio DJs like radio because, unlike TV, you are not necessariy 'a face'. But if you are not a face, you are a voice then - and unique voices normal suceed in DJ-ing. In choosing a radio station that you'd like to work for, you first need to identify with its culture and learn the language they use. You have to keep pace with the latest radio industry news and trends. Enrol for a course in radio presenting, voice-overs or news anchoring.

With radio presenting, you need a good voice

Do you have a healthy self esteem? Fix that before becoming a DJ