Fear of rejection in public speaking

"Fear of rejection affects your performance"

As human beings, our need for affirmation validation is huge. These needs can lead to us seeking to please people, gain compliments and fearing rejection and making mistakes. "The world may take your reputation from you, but it cannot take your character" - Emma Dunham Kelley

Don't let fear of being rejected paralyse you and affect your speech

Your fear of being rejection can affect your speech

What if people are not receptive of you or your speech? Through body language, your audience tell you whether the speech or presentation is interesting enough or grabbing their attention.

People who fear being rejected lose out and miss out on a lot of opportunities in life. They just can't risk being rejected. As a result, they stay in the shells, afraid of building relationships - social or business.

Reaching out is a risk. You may be rejected but what if you are? Move on; someone would like to hear you out. You risk more by not risking anything. Reaching out and approaching someone won't hurt your reputation if they are to show no interest, but not reaching out can hurt your business and personal prospects.

It is indeed true that "if you have nothing to lose, the best comes out of you!"


Fear of rejection leads to fear of public speaking

Curb fear of rejection by working on your self-esteem

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