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Straight Talk, Issue #16 -- Assert yourself!
November 15, 2007
Hi,, are you able to assert yourself well?

In this Issue of Straight-Talk! newsletter ~

1. Asserting yourself well

2. Food for thought - Quotation

3. Regular: What we stand for - Our vision


1. Assertiveness

Are you able to assert yourself without being aggressive? If you can assert yourself without hurting others; if you can stand for what you believe in - without being egotistic, pushy or proud; if you know what you want (and go for it) but are still humble and gentle at the same time - then you are assertive, and not aggressive. Asserting yourself well & healthily means that you know that being gentle in your dealings with others does not mean that you are a weak person. Nothing is as unattractive as someone who just argues endlessly without 'direction', thinking they are being assertive. assert yourself with respect and consideration for other people's feelings.

More about assertive quality ============================================

3. Quote for thought

“The basic difference between being assertive and being aggressive is how our words and behavior affect the rights and well being of others.”

~Sharon Anthony Bower ===========================================

Our Vision

Here in, we believe in the power of words. We believe in the necessity of enhanced and effective delivery of speeches to create better understanding, empowerment and information. Talk should teach, guide, heal, empower and inspire. It should not destroy, demean, lie, gossip, cheat, swear, or destroy - that kind is cheap and useless. That is our vision and that is what we stand for.

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"In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail." - Cassius Longinus


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